How to stop watching pornography and bad stuff forever?

Don’t let pornography destroy your family, marriage, and life. Stop watching pornography, bad stuff, and bad videos on YouTube before it destroys you and your family.

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Recent reports say a staggering amount of Christian men and women are addicted to pornography. These figures are astonishing. It shows us how much power porn has on God’s children.

Many Christians ask:

  • How do you completely stop watching porn?
  • How to stop watching bad videos on YouTube?
  • How can I overcome watching porn?
  • How do I stop the urge to watch porn?
  • How to quit porn addiction?

This article is written with input from those who have successfully quit porn for good for those who want to stop watching pornography.

How to stop watching pornography? How do I quit porn for good?

The word “porno” comes from the Greek word “pornea”, meaning “evil sexual perversion” and “graphy” comes from the Greek word “graphikos”, meaning “drawn or written”. When you put them together, it’s pornography meaning evil sexual graphics.

How to stop watching pornography and bad stuff online.
How to stop watching bad stuff online.

Sex is sacred and God intended sex to be exclusively for marriage, for sex without love is lust and therefore evil. God hasn’t forbidden you from having sex, but He gave us guidelines, which are intended for our own goodness.

Pornography will never fulfill you. It is not created by God. It is an empty experience and it will keep you coming back for more and more. It’s like a bucket with a 3-inch hole at the bottom. The more water you pour, the more it drains out. Some of you surely understand this yourselves.

Porno takes you away from your wife, children, and family. You cannot give 100% to your wife and family and it is displeasing to God as its evil. There are no benefits to watching porn. None. But there is joy in being porn free. Yes, your life will be happier and you will have more freedom after you stop watching pornography for good.

Why would you, a son and daughter of God, want to associate yourself with evil and the dark? You are children of the light. This addictive sin keeps you in bondage and has a very strong hold on you.

Many Christians, try and try to stop but they keep being drawn back by the power of pornography. From a spiritual standpoint, it is a form of idolatry, and with it comes demonic oppression and all manner of evil.

What can I do to stop watching porn?

My friends, the mind is powerful and where you set your mind, your body will follow. Imagine for a minute you are being tempted to watch pornography. You may say it’s too strong for you to resist and you give up.

Now, say you are near a window in your house and you hear a Big Bang outside. You look out and see an accident and a person who is injured and needs help. Guess what, you will automatically rush out and go and help that person.

What happened? A few minutes ago you couldn’t resist pornography and now suddenly you left the thought of watching it and ran to help someone.

The battle to fight pornography is in your mind. In your mind, you fight this deadly addiction and gain victory. Keep your mind on Jesus and you will not walk in darkness.

Fight your battle on your knees. Every time you are tempted to watch pornography, cry out to Jesus. He is the only one who can and will help you overcome your temptation. He has promised to help us during temptation.

The Bible says: No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it – 1 Corinthians 10:13.

The struggle against pornography is daily and yes it will be hard but God has sent you His Holy Spirit who lives in you. Yield the members of your body to God and not to Satan.

Pray to God to help you and he will answer you, as it is His will that you die to pornography.

It is highly recommended that you also install internet accountability software like Covenant Eyes on your computers and mobile devices to deter yourself and any family member from watching bad stuff online.

Are you struggling with your porn addiction? Covenant Eyes can help you succeed. Experience the #1 App for Quitting porn! We recommend them because we know it is the best tool to help you recover from pornography and sexual addiction.

How to stop my porn addiction?

Remember who you are in Christ.

You are a child of God. You are forgiven, justified, sanctified, and saved by grace.

You are redeemed from the stronghold of pornography. You are a new creation in Christ and the temple of the Holy Spirit.

You are delivered from the power of porn and led by the Spirit of the living God.

All your desires and needs are met in Christ. You are strong in the Lord and victorious over pornography.

You have been set free from Porn and have been accepted in the beloved. Your porn habit has been crucified with Christ.

You are alive and porn free in Christ. Free from condemnation and reconciled to God.

Your spiritual wounds of pornography are healed by the stripes of Jesus. You are given authority and power to overcome pornography.

You are transformed, dead to pornography and alive to righteousness. You are a child of the light and not the evil and darkness of pornography.

You are washed by the blood of the lamb.

Porn affects you spiritually, physically, and mentally. Your brain has been programmed to watch porn daily. You will need to reprogram and rewire your brain.

Science shows us that acting out with pornography taps into our powerful neurochemistry, and this can quickly lead a person to use porn habitually. The good news is that the brain has a lifelong ability to wire and rewire itself.

Rewire your brain with the help of screen accountability and take back your freedom! Sign up today.

Actionable steps to stop watching pornography.

  • 1- Admit that you are powerless and you need Jesus to help you. Have the desire to stop watching porn, then find a church or a support group like blazing grace and celebrate recovery.
  • 2- Find an accountability partner and prayer partner to talk to daily. Your wife or husband is the best accountability partner you can have. Tell your partner everything. To the partners – It’s ok to be angry, as you are hurt. But please don’t judge someone who is sincerely trying to stop this habit. Remember the words of Jesus – “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” John 8:7
  • 3- Confess your sin before the LORD. He will forgive you. Do not fear if people shame you. We are all sinners. God is Merciful and Forgiving to those who Repent.
  • 4- Repent of your sin and ask Jesus to cleanse your heart and mind and break every bond between you and the spirit of lust and porn.
  • 5- Read your Bible daily, and be close to Jesus, your mighty protector, and defender.
  • 6- Get rid of all things in your house and life that are a source of temptation. Things like laptops, computers, cell phones, magazines, and TV. Add porn-blocking software to your phone and computers. This is crucial: You need the Covenant Eyes screen accountability software to help you stay away from bad stuff. It does not cost much and is necessary for your recovery.
  • 7- Don’t fight the battle on your own – you will lose. Porn is stronger than you. When you are tempted, don’t try and fight it alone, instead, resist and run away to the feet of Jesus and invite Him into the battle.
  • 8- Stop all affairs with other women and confess and repent before the LORD.
  • 9- Write down in a book, when you watch porn and what triggers it, so next time you can be better prepared on how to deal with sexual addiction.
  • 10- Remember, you are not alone. There are millions around the world, who are struggling with porn. So bring it out to the light, and talk to someone about your addiction. Don’t hide it, the devil preys on hidden secrets.
  • 11- Pray with fasting and ask God to reveal certain wounds in your life that have contributed to watching porn. Ask God in prayer to heal those wounds in your life.
  • 12- Don’t give up. You may fall some days, but get up, confess your sin, and start again. God is with you! He wants you to stop watching pornography and bad stuff.
  • 13- Call upon the Holy Spirit for help and renounce Satan and cut all ties with every evil attached spirit in the name of Jesus.
  • 14- Remember – GOD loves you and He holds Satan on a leash. He will help you stop watching pornography.
  • 15- Love God with all your heart, mind, and body, and don’t forget to pray for others who are struggling with porn.

Resources to help you stop watching pornography.

Watch this short video on how to overcome porn addiction on our YouTube channel.

Sexual addiction is a new drug.

Stop watching porn before it destroys your life, marriage, and family.

Live a life of freedom. Be porn free. Quit this deadly addiction and take your life back.

Jesus wants to help you stop watching pornography. He will strengthen you to quit watching bad videos and deliver you from the power of lust.

Porn invades your life and only brings shame, depression, disappointments, and stress. Pornography is like an addictive drug, it will keep you in bondage.

In the age of the internet, a lot of bad videos are available online and are easy to find and access. Parents need to keep track of their children’s online habits and activities.

Pornography changes your personality and affects your brain and heart. You will also start lying to cover up your porn habit. Stop watching pornography before it takes control of your whole being.

Following the steps described in the video will equip and encourage you to overcome porn addiction. It may take time, but with God’s grace, you will succeed.

We hope this video will benefit you and wish you all the best in living a porn-free life.

Download this free ebook called Your brain on porn. It will show you how pornography destroys your brain. You will also learn how God’s word can bring you freedom.

You can also access free ebooks and resources that will encourage you to stop watching bad stuff online.

SheRecovery is a powerful resource for women who are keen on breaking the porn habit.

There are also various workshops online for men, women, couples, and parents. These workshops are effective and private. They are meant for those who are struggling with pornography and sexual addictions.

These programs can help you end the downward spiral of shame and alienation. They will also provide you with the principles of God’s word that can transform your life, all within the comfort and privacy of your own home.

The best solution to pornography addiction is to stop it before it even starts. Parents need to be vigilant and install an internet filter to protect their children from internet garbage.

Resources to help you stop watching bad stuff – How to Overcome an Addiction to Pornography? | How can I overcome an addiction to internet porn? | Fight the new porn drug

In the end, it is only your personal relationship with Jesus, that will draw you away from sexual addiction. It will be hard, I assure you, but remember one thing: “With Jesus, all things are possible”.

Advice on how to overcome lust by people who have stopped watching pornography and have overcome lust.

Stop practicing the compulsion to watch porn or lust after someone.

You should stop acting out sexually in all forms including masturbation and non-marital sex.

There can be no relief from lust if you still practice the acts of lust.

Stop feeding the obsession of lust.

You should eliminate all forms of sexual material including pictures, videos, television, sex chats, computers, the internet, etc.

If you have to use your computers or phone, then install Covenant Eyes.

Stop living inside your own head. Go out with friends who have good morals, do fun things, exercise, do hobbies, church, etc. Start living in the real world.

Overcome lust by finding a fellowship group.

Search for a sexual addiction fellowship group near you and attend meetings. This will help you overcome lust and aid in your recovery.

Admit that nothing is under your control and you are powerless.

As I have said before, Lust is stronger than you. You will never win one on one, how much you try in your own strength.

My advice is to admit that you are powerless. Once you do that, you will receive the power to defeat lust. The next paragraph will tell you more.

Overcome lust by surrendering to Jesus.

After you have admitted that you cannot defeat lust by your own strength, is time to surrender to Jesus.

Have hope and faith that a power greater than you can restore you to peace and sanity.

Every time you are tempted to act out, surrender at the feet of Jesus. Once you do this, God will fight your battle.

Keep on surrendering and God will win your battles, one temptation at a time.

He is faithful and strong. As long as you keep surrendering your lust to Him, you will keep sober and eventually defeat the spirit of Lust.

Let the light shine on your dark secrets.

Lust loves secrets and flourishes in them. But lust hates the light and flees from it.

So bring your inner secrets to the light. Tell a trusted friend or your group members about your lust.

Once you bring it out to the light and expose lust to another human being, its power over you is broken and healing begins.

Overcome lust by trusting in Jesus.

Trust in Jesus all the time. He alone can deliver you, heal you and help you overcome lusts.

Every morning say a prayer. Ask Jesus to keep you in His saving love and surrender the day to Him.

Before you sleep, thank Him and surrender your thoughts and dreams to Him.

Get to the root of the problem.

More often than not, lust is just a symptom of a deep spiritual problem.

Take time away and connect with God. Ask God to show you the hurts and issues in your life. Confess your sins before Him, repent, and ask for forgiveness.

Ask God to heal you, and all your hurts over the years. Replace all the lies with the truth.

Read the Bible and let God fill your soul with His truth.

Pray and give instead of taking and lusting.

Whenever you are tempted to lust after a woman, man, picture, or video, instead of lusting and taking, pray for that person.

Ask God to heal and bless the person in the video or picture. Ask God to bless the person you are tempted to lust after.

Pray for and give your blessings to the person you are lusting after and in doing so you will be released from the power of lust.

Overcome lust with acts of love.

God is love and in loving others and doing acts of love, we make this world a better place.

Love is the opposite of lust, so in practicing love, you are moving away from lust.

Simple acts of love make a big difference

  • Share the road while driving.
  • Smile when you pass by a stranger.
  • Feed the homeless.
  • Tell your wife or husband you love her/him.
  • Be kind.
  • Give someone a gift and don’t expect one in return.
  • Pay the grocery bill of a less fortunate family.
  • Offer your forgiveness always.
  • Ask for forgiveness from those you have hurt.
  • This list can go on and on, do what your heart tells you.

Overcome lust by getting closer to God.

We are all wired for God, and until we get connected to Him, our souls can never find joy and happiness.

So pray daily by yourself and with your family. Follow The Holy Spirit and you will rest in the peace and protection of God.

Go to church, read the Bible, go to a spiritual retreat, and get closer to Jesus.

Cast out the spirit of Lust.

Sometimes the devil will attack you with full power and you will feel totally helpless.

During these times, surrender immediately at the feet of Jesus and in His name, power, and authority, vocally cast out the demon of lust from your life. Pray against the spirit of lust in Jesus’ name.

We may not understand how this works, but it has worked for many recovering sexual addicts.

So my friends. Lust is powerful. We are weak and do not have the power and strength to defeat lust, but there is one who not only has defeated lust but has the supreme power to crush it.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is our mighty defender, friend, and healer.

I know at times, it will be so hard that we just give up and lose faith. But these are the special times when we must fully surrender to the power of Jesus.

We are all His children and when we are in desperate help, He will protect His flock.

Do not let guilt and shame haunt you during your recovery. God knows how difficult it is for us to overcome lust. But in every area of your life, let God take up residence.

Why can’t I stop watching porn?

There are two main reasons why you can’t stop watching porn.

You are addicted and made it habitual.

After watching porn for a long time, your brain is trained to receive pleasure from pictures, videos, or sexual thoughts.

Your brain has become addicted to a chemical called dopamine which is released during sexual arousal.

Erotic images and videos trigger more dopamine than sex with your wife.

When you try to stop, your brain goes nuts and does all it can to make you watch porn in order to get dopamine which is released during masturbation.

It will be tough, but in time, your brain will get rewired and return to normal.

So stay in there, avoid porn, and let your brain rewire itself.

You have no desire to change.

One of the most important reasons you cannot stop watching porn is that you have no self-desire to stop.

No one can force you to stop. It has to come from you.

Until you decide to stop for yourself, no one can help you.

Once you decide to stop watching pornography of your own free will, you will see results.

God will not force you to stop. He respects your free will. But once you decide to stop, He will defend, protect and heal you.

Overcoming lust in your life is God’s will. As the Bible says, “For everything in the world–the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life–comes not from the Father but from the world.” 1 John 2:16

How to rewire your brain sexually?

Tips on how to rewire your brain from addiction.

Pray daily for help.

Read the Bible daily. Start your day by reading a daily Bible verse. Flood your brain with scripture and lay down every ungodly sexual desire at the feet of Jesus.

Put blockers on your computers.

Make it impossible to watch bad images and videos. Install Covenant Eyes.

Stop stimulating your brain with porn. Stop watching pornography.

Hard but doable. Find new ways to stimulate your brain. Exercise your brain with brain games, puzzles, and brainteasers. Try new activities. Volunteer, socialize, and fight the new drug.

How to quit porn for good (FAQ)

Why is it so difficult to stop watching porn?

You have made it a habit. Porn is addictive. Your brain is wired to seek self-stimulation. You have kept your addiction a secret.

What are the effects of porn addiction?

Impotence (inability to form or maintain an erection). Premature ejaculation. Guilt, shame, depression, anxiety, confusion, impulsive behaviors, isolation, anger, and loneliness.

How to Break a Porn Addiction?

Commit to stop. Tell someone about your addiction. Join a recovery group. Seek counseling. Block all access to porn. Pray daily.

How can I block porn on all my devices?

Install Covenant Eyes on all your devices.

Are there any spiritual effects of pornography?

Watching pornography puts a wall between you and God, as with any sin in your life. It hinders your prayers and blocks worship. The sin of pornography gives Satan an entrance into your life.

And when your recovery is complete and healing comes, be grateful and thank God. But do not stop there, instead be a brother, or sister to a recovering sex addict and help another fellow human being find freedom from lust and pornography.

To your victory,
God Bless,
Mind On Jesus