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Sirach 13 | Catholic Bible Index

The Book of Sirach (or Ecclesiasticus)

Chapter 14


Blessed is the man that hath not slipped by a word out of his mouth, and is not pricked with the remorse of sin.


Happy is he that hath had no sadness of his mind, and who is not fallen from his hope.


Riches are not comely for a covetous man and a niggard, and what should an envious man do with gold?


He that gathereth together by wronging his own soul, gathereth for others, and another will squander away his goods in rioting.


He that is evil to himself, to whom will he be good? and he shall not take pleasure in his goods.


There is none worse than he that envieth himself, and this is the reward of his wickedness:


And if he do good, he doth it ignorantly, and unwillingly: and at the last he discovereth his wickedness.


The eye of the envious is wicked: and he turneth away his face, and despiseth his own soul.


The eye of the covetous man is insatiable in his portion of iniquity: he will not be satisfied till he consume his own soul, drying it up.


An evil eye is towards evil things: and he shall not have his fill of bread, but shall be needy and pensive at his own table.


My son, if thou have any thing, do good to thyself, and offer to God worthy offerings.


Remember that death is not slow, and that the covenant of hell hath been shewn to thee: for the covenant of this world shall surely die.


Do good to thy friend before thou die, and according to thy ability, stretching out thy hand give to the poor.


Defraud not thyself of the good day, and let not the part of a good gift over- pass thee.


Shalt thou not leave to others to divide by lot thy sorrows and labours?


Give and take, and justify thy soul.


Before thy death work justice: for in hell there is no finding food.


All flesh shall fade as grass, and as the leaf that springeth out on a green tree.


Some grow, and some fall off: so is the generation of flesh and blood, one cometh to an end, and another is born.


Every work that is corruptible shall fail in the end: and the worker thereof shall go with it.


And every excellent work shall be justified: and the worker thereof shall be honoured therein.


Blessed is the man that shall continue in wisdom, and that shall meditate in his justice, and in his mind shall think of the all seeing eye of God.


He that considereth her ways in his heart, and hath understanding in her secrets, who goeth after her as one that traceth, and stayeth in her ways:


He who looketh in at her windows, and hearkeneth at her door:


He that lodgeth near her house, and fastening a pin in her walls shall set up his tent nigh unto her, where good things shall rest in his lodging for ever.


He shall set his children under her shelter, and shall lodge under her branches:


He shall be protected under her covering from the heat, and shall rest in her glory.

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Scriptures are from The Douay Rheims Bible 1582-1610 a.d. Version In the Public Domain. The Douay Rheims Bible is a translation of the Bible from the Latin Vulgate into English undertaken by members of the English College, Douai in the service of the Catholic Church.

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